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  • Marie Farrar Knowles

What The World Needs Now

In the workplace it is rare that we have the opportunity to support causes that we truly believe in, unless we do it on our own time. And even if we can find the extra bandwidth, it is often preferable that we keep our passion projects to ourselves.

As marketers, we spend a majority of our workday focused on our clients’ missions, showcasing and launching their products, or developing platforms to build visibility for their C-suite. Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for having the opportunities to help industry pioneers bring their visions to life and flourish – from those seeking to change education, to those finding new ways to deliver the joy of music our lives, to those literally launching into orbit.

As I’ve grown in my career, I’m ashamed to share that I’ve set aside many of my passions to focus on growing the bottom line. Maybe it’s the fear of clashing with the company culture, risk offending a client or being seen as detracting from the work at hand. Yet, I every once in a while, I stop and ask myself if what I am doing is actually making a difference? Am I making an impact? Does my work truly matter?

Recently, I came to realize that I possess special “magical powers.” As a marketer, I’ve teamed with other marketing professionals (and some of the best of the best, mind you) to hypothesize and strategize about how to motivate audiences. After nearly two decades of doing just this, I’ve come to finally realize I too have the magic power of to influence and insight action. So why not use these powers to do good?

Our industry talks endlessly about the importance of remaining authentic when communicating on behalf of a brand. But what good are the individuals on the teams when can they can’t share who they truly are, what they believe in and what they stand for?

What the world needs now are communicators that aren’t afraid to stand up, finally put their line in the sand and declare what matters to them. Otherwise, if we don’t stand for something, what good are we?

So today I’m proud to unveil my value statement:

“To do good work and do so with grace, humility and kindness. Value others, celebrate what makes them unique, and above all else, be bold.”

It is my hope that these values, while seemingly simple, will continue to shape the kinds of work we do and the companies we align with. So far so good…

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